Fire! (In Artie Lange’s voice)


First off, what is happening in Texas is horrible.  Getting 50+ inches of rain in a short period of time sucks, bottom line.  I feel bad for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.  If you want to help out those impacted by the storm, you can contribute to the American Red Cross here.  Also, the people at Old Row have created a special edition charity Texas Strong t-shirt with proceeds going to hurricane relief efforts.  Click here to purchase the t-shirt.

TexasStrong-DeepHeather_1024x1024 I was forwarded an article on Quartz describing the the fire ants that are floating around aimlessly just waiting to pounce on their next victim.  I’ve never had the “pleasure” of interacting with these little buggers and I hope I never will based on the pics being shared on social media.   This seems like Seven Plagues type shit.  No human has been killed after being bit by these little fucks.  However, no one has studied the toxicity of their venom.  As the author notes, the ants have killed birds, mice, etc. so it’s not inconceivable that enough bites would kill a human.  LOOK AT THE PICS!  They look like harmless piles of mud!  Imagine getting washed out of your house and are wading through water and have to dodge all the snakes, alligators (Does Texas have gators?), and other generally dangerous wildlife you find in Texas.  On top of all that, these poor people need to worry about these floating gates to Dante’s Inferno!

NOPE!  I’m out!  I like living in the Northeast where we have to worry about snow, rain, and occasional hurricanes but nothing like Harvey or Katrina.  We’re usually “lucky” that either the South or Mid-Atlantic take the brunt of the storms and weaken them before coming up here.  We pretty much don’t have to worry about wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, or being taken out by massive amounts of angry ants who must have some sort of Napoleon complex.

Good luck to everyone in Texas, Louisiana, etc. who have felt or will feel the brunt of Harvey, now I need to see what college football games will be impacted…Sorry (not sorry), I’m a degenerate gambler.

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