These Salt Lake POs are 1st Grade Assholes (and they’re also idiots).

Alex Wubbels, a nurse in Salt Lake City, lawfully refused to hand over vials of blood to Salt Lake City Police Officer Jeff Payne (In The Ass) related to an investigation and her patient. What happened next is, well, believable given the increasingly autocratic nature of SOME police officers across the country.

I’m not an attorney but I have watched more than my fair share of Law & Order, Chicago Justice, LA Law, Night Court, Ally McBeal, and The Practice in my time. The video below is just about 20 minutes long and clearly shows Officer PITA violate the law while knowingly being recorded by other officers and hospital staff. The smaller cop shown in the video trying to hold back Officer PITA seemed to know they were in the wrong but didn’t do anything.

To add to the shit show, the supervisor who shows up and talks to the nurse while she is handcuffed in the DT car tells the nurse that she is wrong for following hospital policy because it goes against the law. What!? Obviously, this guy is one of the millions of idiots in this country. Did he really think the hospital lawyers would draft a policy that contends with state and federal law? Has he ever met an attorney?

Given my extensive broadcast legal studies mentioned above, I was screaming while watching the video yelling, “Get a warrant! All you need to do is get a warrant and it would all go away!”. Choppy Esq. believes it is pretty obvious the police stepped way over their bounds and a lawsuit is forthcoming. The city should bow to the nurse and immediately settle without any negotiations.

But let’s take a step back and use my 3AHole ability and analyze the tape.

  • Prior to the start of the video, it’s obvious the nurse has refused to provide blood samples.
  • While she is on the phone with hospital administrators you can hear someone ask PITA “Why don’t we just write a search warrant?”. PITA’s response is that they don’t have “PC” (probable cause).
  • The nurse was calm, professional, and even printed something showing to PITA that without patient consent, a warrant, or the patient being under arrest she could not give him the blood.
  • Why was he not under arrest? Simple. The patient was the VICTIM, not the suspect involved in a crime. Why would the police need blood of a victim “to protect him”? To say this is egregious isn’t doing it justice.
  • At that point PITA, supposedly a trained professional police officer, immediately escalated the situation instead of DE-escalating it and went “hands on” with the nurse, restrained her, and shoved her outside. This is where cooler minds should’ve prevailed but I guess the other cops were afraid to stand up to PITA.

Subsequently, Officer PITA has been removed from the department’s blood draw unit but is still somehow on active duty. Salt Lake Police Chief, Mike Brown, was quoted calling the video “very alarming” according to Deseret News. Speaking for myself and not others who may or may not eventually post on this site, I’m a Libertarian and find the actions of these officers pretty damn scary.

It hasn’t been a good few days for the PoPo and video. A Cobb County, Georgia police lieutenant is also in hot water for what he said during a traffic stop in 2016. In the video that was only recently released to the public, a woman is afraid to move her hands because she is afraid of getting shot by the officer. Maybe that is a little extreme but given the high profile shootings over the past few year, I don’t blame her for being overly cautious. The officer says, “Remember, we only kill black people.”

I honestly think he was trying to calm the woman down by telling VERY BAD and tasteless joke. Even so, a cop can’t be saying these things…especially while he is recording himself! To quote @stoolpresidente “What an idiot!”.

Bottom line is to remember to share, rate, comment, and spread the word on this up and coming blog. It’s only a matter of time before we get over 100 pageviews a day!


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