Game of Thrones – A Different Perspective


It’s Sunday night just about at the end of what would be another nail biting cliffhanger of Game of Thrones, so I decided to offer my thoughts being a few seasons behind.

I’m pretty late to Game of Thrones having just started watching GOT earlier this summer. Although I’ve heard about the characters (Stern always talked about Khaleesi, social media blew up when Cersei did the walk of shame, I know Hodor is going to die but don’t know how or who he is, and “The North Remembers” & “King of The North” on various t-shirts, etc.), I’ve been fortunate to stay away from the big spoilers…at least so far.

Let me tell you where I think different characters are going. Who knows? Maybe readers who are up to date may find my thoughts amusing.  PLEASE don’t reveal any spoilers though.

Right now, I’m almost through season 5. I can tell the walk of shame is coming up pretty quickly, probably in the season finale. I’m sure there are still plenty of surprises and twists waiting for me but the show is already the best ever, in my not so humble opinion.

You may ask why. If it please my grace, let me explain. For those who have not yet watched GOT, do yourself a favor and start. It has the triumvirate of what is needed to be the best show ever. Many countless other shows have or had 1 and 2 below, but 3 is what put’s GOT rolling heads above the rest.

  1. Writing – The show has great writing with tremendous stories, characters, and plot twists. Many shows also have the same level of writing; Breaking Bad, The Wire, Seinfeld, Curb, etc. Without these, a show won’t last. The writing in GOT is so good that even though they have so many characters and sub-stories, they keep you entertained and on the edge of the seat and “in the moment” where you are 100% focused on that immediate story and not something else on the other side of the world.
  2. Actors – Writers can only create characters. Actors bring them to life, and the best ones seem to be made for their roles even if they’ve had other acting jobs. It was like that for pretty much everyone in Breaking Bad and The Wire and is certainly the case with Game of Thrones.
  3. Action – Why I believe GOT is arguably the best show ever is because of its action sequences. Yes, other shows have great action scenes but GOT has had so many that I’ve seen so far. The Red Wedding, Battle at The Wall, The Mountain and the Viper, Hardhome, eo name a few that I’ve seen so far.

I’ll briefly introduce you to some of the characters I really enjoy.  I may refer to specific scenes, episodes, characters by name but will do my best not to give away any spoilers.


Ned Stark – The head of the House of Stark. His character is noble, one whom you probably naturally for. He’s done a great job raising his children, one of them most certainly went to BC High as he is a “man for others”. Ned is able to keep an even head most of the time. I’m sure he was a lot more violent in his earlier years. 


Khaleesi – I’ll see if I change my mind on her as I watch seasons 6 & 7, but for now I’m a fan. She’s a single mother (some may say a MILF) of three who sometimes struggles to keep them in check and is hundred/thousands/who knows miles from her family home. Actually, she’s a widower who has done a great job picking herself up and has built a name for herself. She is trying to break the glass ceiling in her profession. I think she’ll be there at the end of the show. She does have a few mean children. I’m not sure who she will be battling. Maybe Jon Snow?


Jon Snow – I mean, come on! Ladies, he must be your favorite character. Right? I’m not gay (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! – credit to Seinfeld) but if I were, I’d love to spend winters in the wall trying to get him to break his vows. Seriously though, his teachers at BC High must be proud of the leader he is becoming (I guess maybe to come? Remember, I’m in season 5). The way he was elected and with the way his men respect him. I even think the First Ranger may be coming around. His minion didn’t. With his men, Wildings, and his name he may be able to unite some of the North families against…Stennis? Lannisters? Khaleesi? Khaleesi. Final answer.


Joffry – This little schmuck was the character I most hated until I met Ramsay Bolton. Some of the married guys (and gals) reading this may wish they had a wedding reception like King Joffry’s. He is the epitome of what happens when a kid with everything grows up with a helicopter parent who tries to shield him from the realities of life. Let’s just leave it at that.


Cersei – Speaking of helicopter parents (and MILFs), Cersei’s parenting leaves something to be desired. I’m not sure parents should follow her lead even though she probably would say that she is only watching out for her children. I’m not sure what is in Cersei’s future after the (most likely) walk of shame. Shame! (bell rings) Shame! I don’t want her to die because she is gorgeous. If shame is in my near future, I don’t know if she has enough friends left to help her. Although, she still is the queen mother.

Sansa Stark – One of Ned Stark’s kids (as far as I know). She is an up and comer and is one of the cadre of hot characters in this show (Khalessi, Cersei, Sansa, Margaery, Tyrion…well maybe not Tyrion). I have a hard time trying to figure out what is going to happen to her. I was certain that Rob Stark was going to be the hero at the end. Their family doesn’t seem to have much good luck. If Jon Snow and Khaleesi are my picks, then I guess Sansa  is out. Man!


Ramsay Bolton – If Jon Snow went to BC High, then Ramsay Bolton had to have been in the first graduating class of CM. He’s a little dick always wanting to please daddy. He has a few screws loose and is the most hated character on the show (maybe in TV history). I would put any type of torture, killing, etc. beyond this kid’s mind. He would LITERALLY do anything. If I say it’s Khaleesi v. Snow meaning Sansa is out…I guess Ramsay may have a surprise for his wife/fiance? Have they gotten married? Some of the episodes are a blur.


Tyrion Lannister – They should rename the Best Supporting Actor Award to the Peter Dinklage Award. He is probably my favorite character on the show. I guess that means he’ll die soon. Oh well! All Tyrion has wanted to do his entire life is to be loved by his father and siblings. With his pint-sized wit, he just may do that!

There are many other characters in this great show. Maybe I’ll expand upon those at some other time.

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