Why Danny Ainge is on the clock


I’ll be very honest. I think Danny Ainge had an absolute shit summer. Even if you think he had a good one you have to admit there’s a time limit to when Ainge’s process needs to turn them into title contenders. For me that’s 2 years. Let’s start with what happened this summer.

1 – Ainge trades away the overall #1 pick, Marquelle Fultz, a player seen by the majority of experts as the best player in the draft to a division rival and gets the #3 pick plus one of Philly’s or the Lakers’ or Kings’ future picks. The big problems with this trade is Ainge let the teams protect the pick if it’s overall #1 so he can never get back what he gave up in the 1st place when he had all the leverage. Plus Philly and LA will be much better in the upcoming years so those draft picks may be mid 1st rounder. Strike one

2 – He deals Avery Bradley, the best overall player on the team for Marcus Morris. People defend this move saying it was about the cap. There’s a million ways to get around the cap. Trading your best defender and a solid scorer should not be one. Strike 2

3 – Ainge deals Thomas, Crowder, Zizic, and next year’s Brooklyn pick for Kyrie Irvkg when Cleveland was desperate to get rid of him and was on the brink of being a disaster. Now Ainge may have given a Lebron a reason to stay in Cleveland when he was pretty much 2 feet out the door. Ainge may have helped his biggest conference rival for the next 5 years. If Lebron stays it’s because of this trade while the Celtics have a guy in Irving who has a substantial injury history. If Boston isn’t in the 2019 finals Ainge should get his walking papers. It’s that simple. He has unnecessarily risked the present and future of this franchise.  Strike 3

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