Iiiiiiit’s Tiiiiimmme!

Yes, Bruce Buffer, it is time! It’s finally here! Week 1. The Blitz for 6. Operation Clown Face. I feel EXACTLY the same as I used to on Christmas morning growing up or the morning of the St. Patrick’s Day parade when I lived in Southie (those were pretty fun times). This day is all consuming. I am 100% focused and ready to travel to “The GOAT Pasture” to watch Tommy the Goat graze on some Indian Chiefs.

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to afford season tickets to the Pats for a decade. As a result, I’ve seen a ton of huge wins (SB49 was the best game I’ve seen in person) and also some painful losses (Ray Rice) but I’m more excited for this game because it will be a celebration of what was “unequivocally, the sweetest” Super Bowl victory. Only the Sox’ World Series victory in 2004 tops this championship.


The Jesus Juice, (contact me for the recipe), new Pats corn hole boards, a tweaked Pats Playlist, TV for watching both Do Your Jobs, food, and the Goodell Clown Face towels are all ready! Find me in P10N to get your towel while they last. I will also be forgoing my TB12 jersey and channeling my inner Matty P. and will be wearing mine to the game to give Roger the welcome he deserves (Scumbag!).

Matty P.jpg

I still need to put the the Pats flags and side mirror covers on my car….oh….and actually pack the car (that sucks). Wherever you’ll be watching the game tonight, enjoy it. Remember the immortal words of our GOAT and stay hydrated.

Follow us on Facebook as we may have a Facebook Live with two of the A-Holes and the Moosh from the tailgate and during the game.


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