We’re on to New Orleans!


Well, we can all agree that sucked. The reason for this late post is because I wanted to watch the game over again. I’m still waiting for my NFL Game Pass password so I haven’t watched the “All 22” but did watch the broadcast. Also, I was also busy watching all the college and NFL games this weekend.

Let’s start with the defense. Rookie Kareem Hunt burst onto the scene with a record-setting debut with 246 total yards. The D-Line and LBs were over powered allowing Hunt to run for 148 yards with another 98 over the air. The defense lacked a pass rush and seemed to really lose it after Hightower went down with an injury. Watching the game live and re-watching it last night, I didn’t see any LB make a single big play all night. The secondary probably fared worse than the D-Line and LBs. Gilmore and his huge FA contract had the exact opposite debut from the Chiefs’ Hunt. For a defense that allowed a league low in points last season, giving up 42 in Week 1 was totally unexpected. Matty P and BB have their work cutout for them this week. New Orleans has more offensive talent than KC.

On the offense’s side of the ball, it seemed like the Pats would have their way with the Chiefs after an impressive first TD drive and an awful penalty that nullified a second TD. After that, it was downhill even though they scored 27 points. It is only the first game of the season but Brady looked his age. I fully expect him to make a comeback but it wasn’t a great game for TB12. The RBs looked OK with Gillislee scoring 3 TDs (good news for one of my fantasy teams) but they couldn’t get the yards needed when on key 3rd and 4th down plays.

Overall, I’m much more concerned with the Defense than the Offense. We have the GOAT and a slew of talent on Offense. On Defense, the Pats are thin in the front 7 with a mix of young and decent talent, but no All-Pro stars especially if Hightower is out. Butler, Gilmore, Wise, Brown, et al. will all have to step it up.  Let’s hope they’ll play with a huge chip on their shoulders this week. I had to verify this but I thought this was the first time the Pats play the Saints in New Orleans since they were blown out by Drew Brees years ago. My memory was correct, the Saints easily beat the Pats 38-17 in 2009. Here’s hoping for a road win because teams starting 0-2 have a very difficult time making and going far in the playoffs.

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  1. Do you think we could even get a bag of deflated balls in trade for this old man? It’s time for Jimmy G!


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