Sad. The Lakers are just…sad.


It has been reported that the LA Lakers will retire both numbers Kobe Bryant wore during his career in a ceremony against the Warriors on 12/18. There’s only one word for this…sad. This is a desperate act of an NBA franchise that was once considered the class of the league. Remember “Showtime” when the Lakers run and gun style would be broadcast on national TV and entertaining Hollywood stars? The Lakers were a spectacle to behold. Jerry Bus, the mastermind behind Showtime, must be rolling over in his grave.

When a number is retired, it is to honor the player. Kobe should choose which single number he wants retired and not go along with what reportedly will be a first in NBA (maybe sports) history. I’ve never been a fan of the Black Mamba, maybe because I’m a bandwagon Cs fan or maybe because he’s just an A-Hole.

What are your thoughts? Should Kobe have both numbers or one number retired?

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  1. Mandingo or Black Mamba, which one ya got?


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