My Vivid Dreams. What Do They Mean?


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that pretty much all of us have had pretty vivid dreams at one point during our lifetime. Why is it that some dreams you can remember as if they were real but the majority of the dreams you have you don’t even remember? Any smart person reading this blog?  I’ve had my share pretty vivid dreams that I remember, including one from last night.

“Red Dorchester” – I found myself in some sort of domestic army/militia/rebel group defending Dorchester from something. I don’t know what or who it was and it didn’t look like Dorchester, more like Nevada/Arizona border with rocky hills, etc. but it was still called Dorchester. I think I was drafted or something into the position but wasn’t given any gear. The odd thing was on the front-lines there was a convenience store selling anything you need; newspapers, candy, water, snacks, camouflage, ammo clips, ammo, etc. I needed to order special camos because the print the store had in stock wouldn’t match my platoon…at least I think it was my platoon.


As my platoon/team was surveying the battlefield from the top of a rocky mountain, I decided to take the brand new drone out for a spin to get a better vantage point. It was nighttime and this drone had a secret camera that could replicate the night images to be as if it was the middle of a sunny day.  All was going smoothly until I flew it too low and started to get fired upon by the enemy. I’m not sure if we were fighting Antifa or Aliens. All I know is that as I was flying the drone back while zigzagging to avoid being shot down, I flew right into the side of a rock mountain. Luckily, the two aviators responsible for the drone retrieved it with minor damage.

The next morning, we were trying to fight our way into a hospital that was being used by the enemy as a combat headquarters. The name of the hospital was the Carney (which is in Dorchester) and the front was the same with it being up on a hill. However, the complex itself was huge…nothing like the real Carney. It was more the size of Mass. General Hospital. I remember running down the halls helping people evacuate out the back and through a fence into Dorchester Park. I then met up with my team to storm the front desk. At that point, I woke up. WTF! That was weird.

But that dream doesn’t even crack my all-time dreams. Some other dreams I’ve had included my being traded from my company to my client (United Airlines), one where I was an Air Marshal, and another where I owned a sports management agency (a la Ari Gold).

“The Trade” – Many years ago, I was really struggling with a bad cold and could only find relief getting any sleep by drinking NyQuil (Captial N, small y, BIG FUCKIN’ Q!).

So, I am in a NyQuil coma and I dream that my manager called my into his office to tell me that my company has traded me to our client. What!? Yup! I was traded to United Airlines. OK, so I thought I’d be assigned to an office job like I have or maybe the call center since I used to be a phone rep. Nope! I was assigned to be a flight attendant. I attended classes on the perfect pour, the right amount of ice, etiquette, etc. The final test in order to be certified (yes, certified) as a flight attendant was to carry a tray full of drinks in a flight simulator. It wasn’t a cart of drinks, rather the old fashioned tray with the palm underneath.


I don’t know if I passed the test because I woke up before getting my results. I do remember the simulator being pretty bumpy and there were a few drinks that spilled. Oh well!

“Air Marshal” – The dream I probably remember the most is one where I was an Air Marshal traveling alone on my way home to Boston after vacation. I had a layover in Minneapolis when I got a call from my HQ letting me know they had intelligence that Al Qaeda had a team booked on my flight with a plan to hijack the plane. I was told to meetup with an SAS (Special Air Service) team from the British Army who was en route to my gate. Why was it the SAS and not the FBI, CTU, CIA, SEALs, Delta Force, etc.? Who knows?

So, I met the SAS team and let them know that I would be in charge because it was U.S. airspace. We all were dressed in undercover clothes because although we knew there would be a hijacking, we didn’t know who the hijackers were. I told the team to wait for my signal to identify themselves and to do everything possible to not shoot while the plane is in the air. It’s not good to lose air pressure at 30,000+ feet.

Somewhere over upstate New York or western Massachusetts, one very suspicious looking male went into the bathroom next to the flight deck’s door. I decided to get up and wait for him in the galley opposite the door. While I was waiting for the dude to exit the bathroom, the SAS team jumped up and began to order the flight crew and passengers to the back of the plane. The SAS team were terrorists. At that point, another 6-7 “passengers” revealed themselves as terrorists as well. I was outnumbered something like 12-13 to 1.

Then there was gunfire. The SAS was shooting at me. Fuck! All I was thinking about was to get the plane down. I rushed into the cockpit. The pilots had already signaled ahead to Logan that we need priority landing. I remember the runway being like the scene from Airplane with emergency vehicles, beer trucks, ice cream trucks, bulldozers, etc. lining the landing strip. 

Just as we landed, I woke up. I don’t know what happened after? Was there a standoff then a raid by the authorities? Worse? We’ll never know.

That’s enough for now. I’ll wait to tell the “Choppy Gold” dream.

Ever have a vivid dream that you remember? Share in the comments below. If  not, smash the share on Facebook and Twitter to your friends who will have a dream. Better yet! Smash the share buttons anyway! 

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